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In 1980s, SHAN CHENG was one of the most well-known watch brands in China. Chong Qing Watch and Clock Company who used to produce music instrument was assigned to produce alarm clocks in 1963. Later on, one of the local political leaders seized the opportunity to produce watches in the factory and registered the brand "Shan Cheng". In late 1970s, Shan Cheng had it first collection after almost 5 years of team building and training. however, due to various reasons, the production got discontinued in the late 90s. It was not until 2014, the 50th anniversary of Shan Cheng, HK Precision Group have purchase the brand from the PRC government and relaunched in Chong Qing. The experiences and knowledge of HKPC mean Shan Cheng could quickly design and produce watch collections that could compete with the international market. 

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