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YOUNG STERNA is a sport & multi-functional watch brand based in Seoul and HongKong. At 2013, Mr RICKE LAI a young watch maker saw a group of white tern at Seoul built anest on a cliff over 10 feet high, flying in to the sea and out from the mountains everyday to ensure their family's survival. He wasinspired and he wants to create a watch to be highly resistant and fashionableto encourage the young generation to face all challenges in life . He believesthat the only way to grow up is be tough like the tern. He realized the real name of the tern is “Sterna bernsteini”. Eventually he foundedthe brand with his parant's company HK Precision Watch&Clock Limited in 2014, who have over 30 yearsof watch design and manufacturing experience. Together they launched the first collection to the market in 2014.

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    Contact Person: Ricke Lai


                      Tel: (852) 3160 9387